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Doula (do-lah) means “with woman”.

 That’s what you learn to do! You’ll know how to support a birthing woman from the prenatal visits you have,

to the birth and any after care you give.

This is a 3 month course including academic and hands on training.

In person classes are on going and  Zoom video classes are available anytime for up to a full calendar year after you begin your course. 

Only class one needs to be completed and then you can take on your own birth clients and get started!

••Cost: $880••

Can be broken down into payments of 3 ($300 each month)  Credit card processing fees may apply.

Course curriculum:

Class 1: Birth Process & Birth Tools

  • pregnancy birth & postpartum physiology 

  • Initiating Breastfeeding 

  • Hands on training - your actual job (in person preferred or we will find a doula to attend class with you where you are)

  • medicated vs natural birth support

  • assisting through pushing phase

  • assisting through transition

  • Gathering your Birth tools (birth bag).

Class 2: When things go Wrong & Legalities

  • Navigating provider issues

  • advocacy

  • stillbirth and surrogacy

  • emotional stalls & clearing

  • foot zoning and other tools

  • honoring birth space

  • knowledge for common complications; malposition of baby, fetal distress, descent, cesarean

  • Legalities; protecting yourself and establishing safe boundaries

  • how to catch a baby in an 


  • client forms; agreements & releases 

Class 3: Meeting with your clients prior to birth & Setting up your Business

  • setting up your client for success; childbirth education, birth team, books       

  • handling pain/hands on preferences, roles, particulars

  • birth preferences/birth plan

​Setting up your business 

     •finding clients & putting it all together


     •social media

  • websites, business cards

  • getting the word out 

Doula Training Program: Doula training


Couple Hugging Friend
Daughter Kissing Pregnant Mom
Pregnant Woman on Couch


Classes are recorded via ZOOM and can be watched at your convenience. Your program is available to you for a full calendar year.


Read the 4 required books and fill out the book report for each book, when completed.


Attend 5 births as the doula and have 2 others from the birth fill out the evaluation of services form for each of the 5 births you attend (total 10 forms).

Doula Training Program: Features
Doula Training Program: Pro Gallery
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