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Midwife & Your Instructor

I am a mother of 10 (I got 4 the easier way 😉) and a Midwife in my own practice since 2011. I’ve been doing something in the Childbirth field since the birth of my first child in 1999. I have a thriving Midwifery practice and FreeStanding Birth Center (2015) in Brigham City, Utah. My passion is to support women and give them the birthing options that they want and deserve. I am a certified foot zoner as well as a Spinning Babies trained Practitioner. These additional tools help me to work through emotional and physical blocks that can be encountered at birth.
I did Doula work for several years and that’s where I decided that hospital policy made it difficult to support women in the way that I wanted to. So that is when I decided to pursue my midwifery training and Licensing. 
I have wanted to start up a Doula and postpartum training program for many years. I think Doula care in Childbirth is essential, especially for those birthing in the hospital. However, I have found some gaps in the knowledge and skills some of the Doula‘s that I have worked with and felt that there has been a need to provide more education and skills. I am excited to finally be able to offer this as an option for those seeking to be competent Birth workers! 🥰
Other doulas and birth workers will be invited to teach and share throughout this program.

Instructor Bio: Your Instructor
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