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Loving mom carying of her newborn baby at home. Bright portrait of happy mum holding sleep

Postpartum is an overlooked time in a woman’s childbearing experience. Learn how to care for a postpartum woman and all of the services you can provide to her to make her healing time easier.

Two classes only. Pre-requisite ANY Doula certification or proof of class attendance.  


Wed  April 3rd

••Cost: $360••

Curriculum includes:

Basics of postpartum recovery;

  • signs of depression

  • normal recovery

  • spotting when things are going wrong

  • physical & emotional needs of the mother​

Postpartum Pampering​

  • hot stone abdominal massage (your own stone kit is included in THIS class!)

  • sitz bath herbal know-how

  • belly binding

  • setting up your “build on” packages for your postpartum care; hot stone massages, sitz herbs, housekeeping, belly binding, etc.

Postpartum Doula Training Program: Postpartum training
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Postpartum Doula Training Program: Features
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